Gumby in Vegas June 2009

Gumby in Vegas June 2009

This site is dedicated to documenting the travels of Gumby.

If you see Gumby out please post your photos here.

I attended an ecommerce conference in Atlanta in June of 2009 and Gumby was one of the prizes of the charity poker event. Mathew Ledford won Gumby and brought him to dinner still fresh in his packaging. After a few drinks and some negotiation, I managed to secure Gumby to return with me to Australia.
I had plans to meet up with friends on the way back to Australia via a weekend in Las Vegas.

Saturday night in Vegas was buzzing and the moon was full. After my shower I noticed Gumby was missing and his packaging was broken. At that moment was born.

As they say “What Happens in Vegas – Ends up on the internet

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  1. awesome stuff, cheers man

  2. neat stuff, cheers man

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